I’m in a meditative sort of mood. My son has been sick for a few days with a virus. We had him checked out at the hospital on Sunday, they say it’s nothing too bad, but you always wonder. My twin brother had Meningitis when he was about 7, wrongly diagnosed as flu until he started banging his head against the wall with the pain. Another doctor and he was straight in hospital for 6 weeks. Only later did we realise how close he was to the end. This was in the 60’s but the same thing could happen now. We live on a precarious edge, life is so fragile, so tenuous yet somehow babies are strong, children too and adults do fantastic things like ultra marathons and giving birth. One bash on the head though and it could be all over. This begs the question – what next? You either live life trying to preserve it and fearing death, or, try to come to terms with it through faith or scientific explanation. The only truth is that sooner or later you will die. Harrowing isn’t it?