Young Adult Fantasy Novel Inside Out

Eritopia - Sample Chapters

Chapters 1 -5 of Eritopia available as a PDF

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Eritopia is a Young Adult Fantasy novel, the first book of The Far End trilogy. It begins in an imaginary place, the Inside, where animals live organised lives away from humans. The story follows the quest of an inquisitive youngster, Not-Bear, in his search for a name.On the cusp of a ‘Coming of Age’ ritual, Not-Bear decides to leave the safe haven of the Inside and strike out alone. His quest takes him through the dense Forest onto a vast Outside, where a City of Men lies in the shadows of distant mountains. To reach it he must fight hyenas and navigate underground caverns in the unlikely company of a rabbit, Map, and a man, Jod.

Unknown to him, Not-Bear has a central part to play in a cyclical shift of power taking place in his world. A cryptic prophecy has predicted his appearance on the Outside. Will the forces of good, on the side of the animals, defeat an ancient evil that threatens to engulf their world?

Eritopia on Wattpad

Eritopia is the first book in the Far End trilogy. I am currently serializing it on Wattpad. The link to Eritopia on Wattpad is HERE.

Young Adult Fantasy on Wattpad

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