Of Art and the Future

In 1944 Henry Miller penned “Of Art and the Future,” an essay on war, art, technology, the role of women in society, and mankind’s future. Miller envisions a future where: “…books will be a thing of the past. There was a time when poets communicated with...

In Clanging Space

Thanks for the comments on the last blog – it makes me feel wanted! I guess it’s easy to sit here and imagine the emptiness of cyberspace all around. What was that line from Yeats -‘The wandering earth herself may beOnly a sudden flaming word,In...

Missing a Moron

This is the kind of story I like: Bears eat man at Beer Festival. As the late great Bill Hicks would say: ‘Whoopee, we’re missing a moron!’

Do I care?

Penrich says he could have finished my kitchen in half the time.Well, sod him, so could I!