Death day

Just to say, 9 years ago today my Mum died, of Alzheimer’s. Dad reminded me on the phone last night. We joked, as you do when subjects are a bit close to your heart, about the possibility of “celebrating” death days as we do birthdays. Of course...

Adding stuff

I’m just editing my template, adding a few links in to my other site pages. The blog is now my home page. No longer “Unkewl” George (thanks Samantha), the new dynamic web me has evolved.

Do I care?

Penrich says he could have finished my kitchen in half the time.Well, sod him, so could I!

Short and sweet

The shorter the better. In most cases, I like it long though, it gets the juices flowing. That’s why novels appeal I suppose. Yet epic poems are not my style, either. Someone is moving upstairs, Oh, it’s Dad, taking his cough to the loo. Must get a house...

Perfectly good day

To paraphrase a famous comic, I have had a perfectly good day. This just wasn’t it.