The round face of the sun
greeted me this morning
as I waited in the garden
for the dog to pee.
I thought, why me?
Why this loose collection of skin and bone
knotted not very well into
an evolutionary framework?
Why five fingers, toes, a mouth
two eyes (for binocular vision).
Why a brain, that cheats (via the senses)
filtering what could be experience
of ultraviolet, infrared and unknown other frequencies
hitherto only available to addicts.

I looked at that globe,
ninety-six million miles distance
and I thought of our goldilocks place,
the happy coincidence of a neutral moon,
hanging still in the Western sky
and how trivial, petty
the individual woes of the world
yet how mighty and important too?

The flattering orb
dishes out its helium-fuelled power
for another four and a half billion years.
What the fuck will the Earth look like then?
We are focussing on small things,
problem solving our only art
while problems that can’t be solved
are ripping us apart.

to brain leakage, loss
of self, anxiety, guilt and shame.
As we try to figure out 
society’s little game.

So fuck career, piety and gods
fuck useless politicians and all do-good
helpers trying to help us master
an essentially private art – 


I’m alone, like you, on a gigantic, spinning, geothermal, dying ark!