Nothing much to be happy about recently. Weather OK, I’m doing my chores, not enough writing, but there’s some serious stuff going on. First there’s the thing with Ronnie, gets you thinking (gave Bev a big hug and told her, you know, those three words). Now, there’s been a murder in the town. Not only that, unthinkable in these parts, sleepy Suffolk, possibly the safest place in the world, but the lady in question worked at the same firm as me. In short, I knew her. Now that makes you feel bad. First, she was a missing person. You’re thinking, sometime she is going to show up. Then, a body is found, it’s her, now it looks like she was attacked at a local beauty spot, out running. She was quiet, thoughtful, mad on fitness, diet, good at her job, but now she’s dead.

No-one really knows what happened, and ‘though I believe that there is an afterlife, that the soul leaves the body and rejoins whatever deity is responsible for this sad, sick but occasionally joyous world, I just can’t stop thinking about death, and poor Dawn’s murder, and wondering how it can be that someone who you used to say hello to is suddenly not there anymore. I have known people die before; Mum, my Grandparents for example, but it was expected. Sad, but expected. This sudden stuff is just too much to take. My heart goes out to all who knew her and I’m going to dedicate a poem to her, when the emotion has worked through enough to let me see more clearly. And I hope they find out what happened to her, who was responsible for this tragedy, soon.

Rest in peace.