Haven’t posted for a while – too busy, or too lazy? No, busy, but lots of time on the computer, so there are no excuses. Would be happier if I knew anyone was reading this.

Anyways, doing a lot of editing. Finished my teen sci-fi book, first draft, a couple of weeks ago. Letting it mellow, and my take on it, while I get back to editing Inside Out, the first novel I finished and the one I have been trying to get published since 2002. Now in about it’s 6th draft! Going well, and although I am happy with the book as a whole, I feel that I am at last happy with the beginning, which is what is going to get it in the agent/publisher’s ‘eye’.

Brushing up on some theory too, about the way fiction works. Free Indirect Style, Types of Narrative, Point of View. Building Characters, and use of detail. Showing not telling? Don’t start me on that useless bullshit theory. Tell it to Henry James…

Apart from that, really into Linux, breaking the strangelhold of Microsoft on the PC market, particularly where OS and Office are concerned. Why pay for anything? Linux is free, and it is secure, and so is all the software written for it. Open Source – puts the fun back into computing.