The hardest thing, getting known. I have a product, viz. book of poetry. Poetry! People throw up their hands in horror. Poetry…yes, that function of the higher brain, tool of the depressed and sorrowful, is it still being written?

“I mean, I know it still is being written, and when we read it we find it so comforting, except for that modern stuff that doesn’t rhyme and oh yes Betjeman knew how to keep an audience trundling along. So easy on the ear, even Philip Larkin his natural successor chucked the odd rhyme in to keep us happy.”

My poetry does rhyme. It is just that the rhymes are not that easy to pick up. They don’t always come at the end of each line. Sorry, but it’s the difference between a cryptic crossword and an easy one. It all comes down to time, and effort; what we get from poetry is inextricably linked with what energy we want to put into (understanding) it.