Went to an open mike poetry gig at the Lounge Cafe in BSE last night. Strong coffee was needed to get me off the ground after a series of late nights and early mornings. The poetry was interesting and varied enough to keep me there until the end. Read a few poems from Signs, politely received. Met a couple of guys who are on the upward slope of the poetry hill (should that be mountain?). Also chatted to Lucie, who was interested in the writers’ group. Problem is, we don’t do enough poetry in the group. Just satisfied to know that poetry is alive and well and being practised by diverse groups of people. Sometimes it is polite and sensible, at other times dangerous and unpredictable. It is the scouring of the soul, good to know that young people are in the grip of it. Next gig is in a couple of months time. I will be there.