Been away for a few days, MSN land (usually I work on AOL Broadband) and for some reason (‘cos it’s free), you can’t log onto MSN during school holidays. Well, I tried. That’s not an excuse not to blog, but it let me do other things. There was family stuff going on and fixing up Brian’s scanner, that’s no excuse and I seriously wanted to blog. Then again I was doing other things as I said, mainly thinking of ideas for my piece for the writer’s group (Write Now! – Bury St Edmunds). It’s a ‘sexy short’ theme up to 1200 words. My final effort is a kind of seaside postcard theme, Large Chest For Sale. We had the meeting last night after I got back from MSN land, they laughed in a few spots, innuendo being what it is, and a titter is all I should expect from the postcard theme.

Still no developments in the search for Dawn’s murderer. I know it’s only been a few days but you expect (read hope) that the police would have dug something up by now. I don’t want it to just settle into one of those crimes that never gets solved. Bad for the town, bad for Dawn, bad for the local people scared to go out alone. Let’s have an answer soon.

Haven’t seen Ron so can’t let you know about that scenario. On holiday for a whole week away from Apple Macs, workflows, archiving and who knows what other shit will happen. Dad’s coming up from London today, need to buy some gerbils for Olivia’s birthday (strange substitute for cake!), sort my tiny pond out, and so on.

In case you want to know:

  • MSN is Microsoft Network
  • MSN land is Abingdon, nr. Oxford where my wife’s parents live.
  • Brian is my father-in-law
  • Arsenal 5 Crystal Palace 1