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I’m busy assessing my goals and expectations as a training copywriter. What am I doing it for? Is it a natural progression from a life spent writing? It’s true to say that I don’t subscribe anymore to the theory that fate or some divine meaning controls or guides our lives. We are just a species of animal that has evolved over millions of years to become well adapted to its environment, To the extent that we can now control aspects of that life by delegation and division of labour within the group.

So it’s not a divine providence that says I must do this or that with my life. The years I have had so far are an evolution in themselves, derived from a series of personal decisions or chance occurrences. I do what I feel comfortable with, bearing in mind I have responsibilities (which I do or do not have to accept) as a result of having children and being part of a family. I weigh pros and cons. I balance skills I have learnt with what I enjoy. And all the time keep the perspective of ‘society’ and the bigger picture of moral and social responsibility in mind. Some might argue that in the absence of a faith or dogmatic belief in the supernatural such moral or social considerations are superfluous. I don’t subscribe to that view, and I steer a path through the obstacles thrown up by life while considering them.

This, at the moment, is what energises me, and that is what I am doing. Some say follow your head, others say heart. Reason or emotion is what it comes down to. I call it making a living. By whatever means you can.