We’re always learning

That’s the truth of it, the unwritten law of life. Stumbling, blathering, making mistakes as we go along. Stopping, getting STUCK. Taking a wrong turn, taking a U-turn. Going round in circles.
No one starts with a great plan. Even Mozart had to learn things. Obviously he picked them up quicker than most of us, but then he was dead at 35.
Some of us are slow learners. But that shouldn’t stop you from changing tack, improving or reinventing yourself AT ANY TIME. Life is like that – full of opportunities.
I’m learning copywriting. I’m further along the road than Mozart was. And I, like lots of people am less than focussed. I’ve got distractions, in the shape of a loving family and a job working for someone who doesn’t really care about my ambitions. 
But all that doesn’t matter. I’m learning and I don’t intend to stop.