The last time I was ultra-stressed I started sweating
It was nervousness. I have never sweated like that before and never have since
It was horrible, and got so bad I had to dry my armpits out under the dryer at work. Self-conciously not raise my arms
I used ultr-powerful deodorants that ruined my shirts
The cause was stress at work, holding down a job while bringing up small kids, being the sole earner, a new position, not so helpful boss, too much to do, irate customers.
I would drive to work and want to drive past, fearful of each new day and the pssible problems waiting for me.
I was constantl stressing about the future, the immediate and the long term. What if I can’t do the job, lose it, what of my family then?
I so wanted to succeed, to carve a career path, to provide for my family, that I couldn’t enjoy or spend time in the present.
In short, I couldn’t unwind, stop worrying and the stress of sweating was making mme sweat more.
I now know, but it has taken me a long time to realise it, that it wasn’t that important.
The career nd the job turned out to be not so great.
The family survived. I needed calmness
How Did I Turn it Around?
I kept my job, told the bosses I needed help,
Changed departments, delivered better results, started to enjoy my new environment
Slowly, the sweating stopped, or rather, I stopped thinking about it.
Long-term I developed a laissez-faire attitude. Support of my family was paramount. I distrusted some of my bosses and that feeling remained until I left the firm years later. They didn’t care.
None of the BAD scenarios I envisaged had happened
Gradually I realised that the worry and the stress were getting me nowhere. It was then that I started to formulate my plan to reduce stress…
Which is wehre I am  now.
Succcess is a frame of mind


But not one you can get to without experiencing the other side.